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Increase the Power and Effectiveness of Your Labels with Images

Increase the Power and Effectiveness of Your Labels with Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and is able to communicate much more information than a word can. In fact, many argue that there are several significant benefits to using images to help communicate a message. The message can be an important one, especially when it comes to properly labeling a pipe or a product container.

Images can save space.

Images are powerful because they can transcend language. When permitted, the ability to print images can be especially useful for saving space on labels that would otherwise require multiple translations.

Images are a much more succinct way to communicate a large amount of complex information.

You might have noticed the heavy use of images in youth mainstream culture. Among younger generations, there is a strong preference toward expressing thoughts and feelings with images, whether that is accomplished with memes, emoticons in text messages and online, or social media completely built around sharing images (such as Instagram and SnapChat).
In part, the younger generations tend to prefer using and receiving images because images are a much more efficient way to communicate a lot of complex information. Not to mention, they are a faster way to both express and trigger complex emotions.

An image can have a more direct, immediate and emotional response than a word can.

While the words “poisonous” or “can cause death” on a bottle of bleach are quite effective in communicating the desired message, its affect cannot be compared to the instinctual aversion and fear felt when you see a skull-and-cross-bones hazard symbol depicting the very same thing.

NMS Blog Images - Skull and Cross bones

While not all images can transcend and be understood the same way across cultures, a skull-and–cross-bones is an example of one we can (likely) all understand instinctively and immediately to signify “death” and “this should be feared/I should be cautious” in some way.

Images allow you to further customize your labels. 

There are printers that can print simple images such as universally (or nearly universally) understood symbols as well as labeling systems that can import and print complex images such as product labels.
One image in particular that you may want to reproduce is a company logo – an identifiable symbol of your brand thoughtfully wrapped into a single image (often accompanying a company name). In many cases, a strategically placed company logo could improve brand recognition or even brand loyalty.

EBS 260 printing a logo and text on a concrete pipe

In summary, there are many benefits to using images in labels to help to communicate a message improve labeling effectiveness in a variety of industries and applications.

To learn more about the ways you can use images with your labels, please contact us toll free at 1-800-268-7636.


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