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4 IT and Networking Labeling Solutions You Must Know

4 IT and Networking Labeling Solutions You Must Know

Cable management and identification is one of the most important challenges in the information technology and networking areas of businesses.

When one does not properly manage the cables and wires at all computer workstations, network servers and panels, problems can arise. While colour-coding the cables may help, label flags, wire wrap labels, cable tags, and patch panel labels provide specific and effective solutions.

The basic purpose of cable labels is to accelerate tracing of the relevant connections. Cable tags and labels help when you are trying to find the other end of a cable. If you have a label on a CAT 5, CAT 6 or coax cable, chances are you will be able to easily trace the end by reading the label instead of having to physically trace it.

Putting tags on both ends of a cable helps in finding the other end by matching the label with the label on the first end. The cable tags and labels usually have hostname, port number or a unique ID on every cable. As a result, you do not have to untangle all the wires in order to trace one of them.

Most IT techs use standard portable label printers to print out their wire markings.

1) Flags Labels

After printing relevant markings, the label can be folded over on the cables close to the RJ-45 connector. This is referred to as a “flag” or “cable flagging”. The standard practice should be to label cables with the rack, switch and port.

2) Self Laminating Wire Wrap Labels

Some label printers have a flexible label tape that can wrap around the wires themselves, though a preferred way is to use wire-wrap labels, aka self-lams. They are a vinyl label with a white printable area with a clear “tail” that wraps around itself, adding more protection and a longer life. 

Self laminating wire wrap labels

3) Cable Tags

Cable tags are used for larger cables, or cable bundling. They’re made of a tear resistant material and have 4 slots for attaching with a zip tie or cable tie. The sizes are usually 1/2”-3/4” high by 2” wide.

Impact cable tags

4) Patch Panel Labels

Another important label type in IT or network labels is patch panel labels. Labeling patch panels is common but often frustrating because the distance between the ports differ, depending on the style and brand. There are special features and label software programs that make patch panel labels easier.

The ends of the Ethernet cables are tagged because the cables can move from one machine to another, but generally do not move away from the network switch port. Creating these labels can be done in small amounts with portable label printers or in higher volumes with desktop label printers for network builds and larger jobs.

Example of patch panel labels and wire wrap labels

IT is just one of the industries/departments that we cater to with identification labeling solutions. Browse the brands and other departments we serve below. 

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