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Safety First in Canada

Safety First in Canada

June is National Safety Month

June is recognized as National Safety Month, a time dedicated to promoting safety awareness across North America. In Canada, the Canada Safety Council takes a leading role in this effort, providing essential guidance and resources to help citizens stay safe in their everyday lives. Formed in 1968 from a merger of three national safety associations, the Council's initiatives empower Canadians to navigate their daily activities with greater awareness and precaution, ensuring that safety is a priority year-round.

We particularly appreciate their active social media presence on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter). They share a wealth of interesting and practical articles from a broad range of safety-related sources online, including CBC news stories and Consumer Reports articles. Their updates provide invaluable insights that could potentially save lives. Having their posts in your feed serves as a gentle nudge towards prioritizing safety amid the usual deluge of entertaining content like cute cat videos.

As a society, we often take safety for granted, believing that accidents are things that happen to others. Those who have lost loved ones or experienced personal disasters once thought the same. It’s reassuring to know that education and resources are available to reduce the risk of such emergencies in our hectic lives. Hats off to the Canada Safety Council and the work they do.

Safety first!

Do you need some safety signage around your plant or facility?

We have many label printers that print on a variety of different materials to help support your safety initiatives in the workplace. From hvac/pipe markers, to machine safety instructions, to chemical warning labels, we can help you find the right safety labeling solutions for your needs. Email us at, or give us a call at 780-434-9152, Toll Free 1-800-268-7636, to speak with one of our labeling experts.


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