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Epson Colorworks


Epson® ColorWorks® 

This new technology enables colour label printing to become an asset to help grow and improve the business, rather than merely a cost to be controlled. Now the advantages of colour, which have been validated by science, can be leveraged in labeling applications to help to achieve business goals, ranging from building stronger brands and achieving more efficient operations to improving quality and safety.

Colour labeling can be used to innovate and improve production line operations in the following ways:
  • Reduce errors in processes and procedures – Colour labels can increase comprehension of information by as much as 73%, hence reducing errors.
  • Increase efficiency of production – Colour can be used to improve learning of tasks, processes, and procedures from 55% to 78%, hence increasing production efficiency.
  • Improve communication – Colour used appropriately can better communicate technical information from production staff to management, co-workers, and customers by focusing attention, grouping elements, and effectively distinguishing important information from its surrounding context.
Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and imaging related electronics. They are a core company within the Seiko Group, a company generally associated with timepieces. What would later be known as Seiko Epson dates back to a Japanese company founded in 1942.

More about Epson Canada here.

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