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The Ins and Outs of Lamacoids

The Ins and Outs of Lamacoids

Lamacoid is a practical and cost-effective material that is commonly used to manufacture exterior and interior signage. Since a majority of lamacoids can be engraved via laser or rotary cutters, it is possible to achieve a great amount of detail. 

A Few Primary Applications of Lamacoids:

- Identification decals
- Gauges
- Machine consoles and faceplates
- Panel and switch making decals
- Caution and warning signs 

Lamacoids may be used in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. Be sure to consider the following factors to make the right choice:

- Letter color and face color of the lamacoids.
- Determine your required letter style.
- Determine whether you want text to be left, right, or center justified.
- Identify if you need upper case or a combination of upper and lower case letters.
- Identify if you need straight edges or beveled edges.
- Determine the size, position, and number of mounting holes you need in your lamacoid. 

Factoid on Lamacoid

Lamacoid (or Lamicoid) was a trade name of a manufacturer of plastic material, which is no longer around. Similar to asking for Kleenex when you need a tissue, it’s a term that is recognized by users and suppliers.


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