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Reiner P1-MP4-BK EM790BKQD black ink image


Reiner 790MP & 990, QD Inkjet Cartridges, Black (Solvent-Based)


Reiner 790MP and 990, Quick Dry, Black ink cartridges (Solvent-Based) for Metal, Plastic, Glass, Coated Labels and Coated Cardboard.

    Use with these models:

    • jetStamp 990 - Battery and AC powered model.
    • jetstamp 790MP - For non-porous surfaces. Battery powered.
    • jetstamp 792MP - In-line Integration and Remote Operation (Foot Pedal) optional. Plug in.

    Colors available:

    Black, Quick Dry Aggressive Ink for glass, metal and plastics (P1-MP4-BK, EM790BKQDX, 791060-030) was P1-MPQDX-BK

    Yellow, Quick Dry Ink for glass, metal and plastics (P1-MP6-YE, EM790YEQD, 791060-040) was P1-MP6-YE

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