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EBS HandJet 250 Inkjet Cleaning Cartridges (Acetone-Based)

EBS Ink-Jet Systems

EBS HandJet 250 Inkjet Cleaning Cartridges (Acetone-Based)

HandJet EBS-250 Acetone Cleaning Cartridges usage:

– approx. 2.5 cleaners for every 10 black ink cartridges

Great for printing on:

  • Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Foam, Fabric, Wood, Cardboard
  • Pipes
  • Crates
  • Pails, Barrels, Containers
  • Boxes

    Used by these departments:

    **CONTACT US AT 1-800-268-7636 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ORDERING EBS Handjet 260 in Canada**


    • Includes: Carry case, power adaptor, spray bottle, two small wheels (for flat surfaces), 2 large wheels (for pipe/convex surfaces), user manual CD.
    • Up to 4 lines of text
    • Letters up to 2.2” high (32 dots)
    • On-board touch screen (3.5”), Wi-Fi or USB connection
    • Graphics imported, black and white PNG (up to 32 dots)
    • Barcodes, symbols, logos, True Type fonts
    • 2 Gigabyte internal memory
    • Prints direct from Bluetooth scanner (links to)
    • Ink usage for one cartridge – approx. 17,000 characters at 2”, 34,000 at 1” and so on
    • Cleaner cartridge usage – approx. 2.5 cleaners for every 10 black ink cartridges
    • Li-Ion Battery operating time - approx. 16 hours (60 printouts 1m long, 550 dots/m per hour)
    • Charging time, approx. 5 hours (low battery indicator)
    • Operating temp range +5 C to +40 C
    • Storing temp range for Acetone, -10 C- +45 C
    • Up to 95% Humidity (without steam condensation), can be operated in rain provided labeling surface is dry

    Part Number, EBS Ink Cleaning/Cleaner Cartridge - P/N 4A004AR


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