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Reiner jetStamp graphic 970 Handheld Inkjet Printer Kit


Reiner jetStamp graphic 970 Portable Inkjet Printer Kit


Reiner jetStamp graphic 970 handheld inkjet coder

is unlike any other portable inkjet printer with a unique self-traversing head. Unlike a stamp, it does not have to come in direct contact with the product. It will print directly onto most non porous surfaces including plastic and metal making it ideal for food/beverage and packaging identification, as well as parts identification.

Great for printing on:

  • Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Cardboard
  • Food Packets (cartons, drink boxes, tubes)
  • Jars
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Boxes
  • Metal Parts

Used by these departments:

**CONTACT US AT 1-800-268-7636 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ORDERING Reiner jetStamp graphic 970 in CANADA**


  • Print area of up to 1/2″ by 2 1/2″
  • Able to print bar codes, logos and graphics
  • Stores up to 4 print messages
  • Programmed within minutes using USB or Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • MP Ink compatible, allowing printing on non-absorbent surfaces

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 47 mm (1 ¾”) x 147 mm (5 ¾”) x 221 mm (8 ¾”)
  • Weight: approx. 530 g (1.1 LBS)
  • Print area dimension: (W x H) 65 mm (2 ½”) x 12.7 mm (½”)
  • Print speed: 400 mm/s (15”/second)
  • Print resolution: 300 DPI
  • Battery capacity: Up to 1,000 prints
  • Print technology: Thermal inkjet TIJ

* uses Reiner P3 Inkjet Cartridges (Water-Based) and Reiner P3 MP Inkjet Cartridges (Solvent-Based)

From printing letters numbers, dates and times, to printing graphics and barcodes, the jetStamp graphic 970 is one of the most advanced marking and coding tools available. Taking advantage of Reiner’s MP ink, the jetStamp graphic 970 can even print graphics and barcodes on non-absorbent and uneven surfaces.

Get Reiner jetStamp 970 graphic spec sheet brochure here...

Download All Reiner Printers Brochure here...

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