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RN Mark RNJet 200+ OIL Inline Inkjet Printer Kit

RN Mark

RN Mark RNJet 200+ OIL Inline Inkjet Printer Kit


RNJet 200+ OIL, Small Character, High Resolution, Inline Inkjet Coder has Two 18mm Piezo Print Heads, uses Oil-based Bulk Ink

and is a great alternative to CIJ (continuous inkjet) printers that offers very low maintenance, with low ink costs.

It prints on Porous surfaces:

  • Un-coated Cardboard
  • Un-coated Corrugated Boxes
  • Un-coated Paper
  • Wood

      Used for:

      -- CONTACT US AT 1-800-268-7636 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ORDERING RN Mark printers in CANADA --


      • Ink Type: Oil
      • Ink Colors: Black (colored ink available)
      • Print position: side and downward printing
      • I/O Ports: NPN Photocell and Shaft Encoder
      • Display: 7″ Touch screen controller
      • Ink Management: Low ink alarm & Ink consumption calculator
      • No. of Print Heads: 2 (single head printer is RNJet 100+ OIL) 

        Technical Data:

        • Nozzle Technology: Piezoelectric High Res Drop On Demand DOD Print Head
        • Print Speed: Up to 540 mm/sec (21"/sec) or 32 m/min
        • Print Height: 36mm (1 1/2") 2 x 18 mm/print heads
        • Print Length: 1000 mm (39")
        • Throw Distance: Up to 10 mm ( 3/8")
        • Drop Volume: 80 pL (Picoliters)
        • Resolution: 180 dpi
        • Power: 12V – 3.3A
        • Operating Temperature: 32°F (0°C) – 113°F (45°C)
        • Storage Temperature: 23°F (-5°C) -122°F (50°C)
        • Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%
        • Controller Dimensions: 176 x 158 x 44 mm
        • Print head Dimensions: 65 x 42 mm
        • Ink Supply Bottles: 490 ml Standard (240ml or 980ml optional)
        • Net Weight: 3 Kg (6.6 lbs)
        • Connectivity: USB, RS-232, Ethernet (WiFi optional)
        • Power supply Certifications: FCC, CE, ICES/GS/US UL/CA UL

        See RNJet 200+ Specs Sheet here...

        This dual print head, high-resolution, high speed, small character, industrial, stationary inkjet printer, offers remarkable product coding and marking performance. Using oil-based inks, it can print text, logos, counters, barcodes, time, and date codes on a variety of porous surfaces with superior print resolution.

        The RNJet200+ operates as both a standalone and a PC based system.

        Use as standalone with 7″ touchscreen LCD when used in production. You can simply design and print from the file directly on the screen. As a PC based system, it can also connect to the network through RS-232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional).

        Easy start-up with bulk system and purge button will help you prevent wasting ink. Bulk could be supplied in 3 different bottle sizes. Ink indicator will help to understand when ink level is low. As an option LED tower light indicators could be integrated as per request.

        Why you should consider this printer:

        1. Affordability
        2. Easy of operation
        3. High print speed
        4. Reliable and maintenance-free
        5. Withstands vibrations & temperature fluctuations
        6. Stand-alone operation and PC based

        8 Benefits of the RNJet 200+ Printer

        1. Quick set-up – integrates easily into your production line
        2. Superior print quality – markings are easy to read & scan 
        3. Print anything – graphics, images, logos
        4. Print on everything – code & mark any surface
        5. Stand-alone or PC operation
        6. No downtime – easy & rapid code change
        7. Turn-on & start printing – hassle-free operation
        8. Very little maintenance – print head stays clean

        Part Number: 048-0004-000, RNJet200+ Oil Bulk

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