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RN Mark Inkjet Cartridges, Black (OIL) 6-Pack

RN Mark

RN Mark Inkjet Cartridges, Black (OIL) 6-Pack


RN Mark,  Black Inkjet Cartridges (OIL-Based) for Porous Surfaces like:

  • Un-Coated Cardboard
  • Wood/Lumber
  • Un-Coated Boxes
  • Un-Coated Cases
  • Un-Coated Cartons
  • Un-Coated Paper

These 110ml inks are specially formulated for porous materials and used with RNjet Piezo cartridge OIL printers.

The OIL formulation requires no maintenance as it does not dry on the printhead or internal printer components.

Choose this ink if you are using an OIL printer with an application that requires soaking in to porous materials with a crisp, clear image.

Sold in pack of six cartridges.

    Use with these models:

    • RNJet 100 OIL
    • RNJet 200 OIL
    • E1-18 OIL
    • E1-36 OIL
    • E1-72 OIL
    • E1-72N OIL
    • E1-140 OIL

      Part Number: 100-1504-101

      RN Ink Piezo Oil Black 6 Pack

      Black Oil Ink SDS Safety Data Sheets here...

      • Estimated prints is 20 million characters per cartridge (based on 85 dots/character)

      **CONTACT US AT 1-800-268-7636 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ORDERING RN Mark in Canada**

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